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The Original Lunar Phase Calendar 2019

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Lunar phase calendar 2019, choose from 8 vibrant colors!

This print makes a wonderful gift!

The Lunar Phase calendar 2019 poster comes individually rolled in a protective, recyclable sleeve and is shipped within recycled packaging. The Original Lunar Phase Moon calendar 2019 is a beautiful print to fit any decor, and a fun way to track the moon phases for all ages. 

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Hang up your Lunar Phase Calendar

Poster Hangers

People are always asking for good ways to hang or frame.   The best we have found is at this website:   https://posterhanger.com

An absolutely beautiful and practical way to hang your lunar phase calendar poster. This minimalist design by Jørgen Møller compliments The Original Lunar Phase calendar perfectly.   Check it out!

Lunar Phase Calendar with poster hanger.

Lunar Phase Calendar with poster hanger.

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