The Original Lunar Phase LLC

The Original Lunar Phase is Available in Eight Vibrant Colors

(images taken in natural light)
Midnight blue moon calendar

Midnight Blue

This blue is one of our most popular colors.  Some people like to refer to it as a "navy" blue.

sky blue moon calendar

Sky Blue

Bright blue like the daytime sky on a crystal clear day.

royal purple moon calendar

Royal Purple

Classic purple. The Royal Purple is a warm purple with a reddish hue. We've been printing the calendar in this color since 1988. It is as popular as the Midnight Blue.

violet moon calendar


This is full-on violet on the color scale.  

Moon Calendar, Evergreen


A soft, breezy forest pine green.

Lunar Calendar in light green

Light Green

Very popular! This is a bright green like new spring leaves.

teal green lunar phase calendar

Teal Green

Deep Teal Green is a very cool dark shade of green with a hint of blue. Think ocean depths....

black moon chart phases calendar


Black as night.


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